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You’re a winner!

Actually, Nedd Jacobs is the winner of our first Liberty3D draw. Nedd has elected to pick up his free product and he chose UberCam 1.0! How did this happen? Well, Nedd, like many of you have subscribed to our site (see that subscription button on the right?) and by doing so, has been entered into our draw automatically. The winner is randomly selected through from our subscriber system which also includes anyone who has purchased  a video or a tool from We will be doing more draws on a regular basis (monthly at least!) so if you haven subscribed yet do it now, and if you have, let someone else know and get them to subscribe as well. And don’t forget! If you buy some videos or tools, get 25% off your purchase by using our promotional code: LW10 at the check out stage in our store. This promotion will run until LightWave10 releases, which could be almost any day now or up until the end of the year, so pick some stuff up and we will keep the new products rolling out! We now have the largest selection of modern video tutorials for LightWave and 3D-Coat anywhere on the net in one spot and we will continue to expand on this while keeping the quality of the tools and videos top notch!! No slacking here.

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