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Use the coupon and save money! LW10 is almost here!

Ok while we really appreciate everyone buying our products at full price (which are still cheaper than you will find for comparative material anywhere out there) while our LW10 special promotion has been on; we actually want you to use our LW10 25% off Coupon when you pick up a video or a plug-in or one of our tools or a whole basket of stuff so you can save some bucks. Until the release of LW10 (and I think its getting pretty close) we are offering 25% off on all our videos and products. Simple enter in LW10 as the coupon code when you check out of our store. This coupon applies to all of our products, not just LightWave related ones, so have fun and thanks for joining in on the celebrations! And Thank You NewTek! We are going to have a very busy December ahead of us and we know everyone is going to be rushing around and trying to eat themselves into a couch sitting position at some point during the holidays, but make sure you set some time aside for LightWave10 and You won’t regret it. We have some really cool things going on and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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