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Iron Sky Day 9

It’s really hot here today in Tampere but thankfully now that its “night time” more or less its cooling off. Luke and I get to move into the new place today (we hope) but we are still working while the rest of the crew (the maya people who only do 8 hour days for some reason, deadlines or not – maybe its a European thing) are gone. Which for us is great because its nice and quiet and we can just work and be happy. The farm is humming away rendering bits of stuff and LightWave3D 10.1 is proving to be incredibly valuable in this production. Again, and while some may say I am biased, I can totally understand why our VFX producer chooses to work with it and brought us on. It’s a question of “speed” and it certainly does make things that are difficult in other applications, rather straight forward for an animator or artist. There are areas of course that need improvement. Object referencing and other things with channel follower, relativity and whatnot need to be addressed. Again it comes in really handy to have your own LW3D 3rd party developer on board who also knows physics. 🙂 Thanks for rigging the “bigggggg guns” Luke 🙂  

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