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20% off Conjure for LightWave3D Users

Ever feel like you’re missing a giant piece of the puzzle? Like there’s something missing that should bridge the workflow gaps between Photoshop, LightWave, and all of your other tools? Enter Conjure: Conjure for Lightwave Users Conjure is an organizer for people who don’t have time to organize. It’s a visual workflow. It’s a sketchbook. You can take notes in it. Save links to important things, from specific emails to websites. It’s a file organizer. It’s a launcher. It’s a photo manipulator. It’s a presentation tool. And it lives right on your desktop, so it’s always there when you need it. In fact, it’s kinda like a super-desktop. With Tabs! On top of all that, you can have an unlimited number of super-desktops, and flip between them like cards in a deck. You can even switch desktops while you’re in another application. This way, you can stay focused on the project at hand, while keeping all of your other projects and information at your fingertips. Conjure transforms your static desktop into a vibrant, powerful springboard, bridging the gaps between your ideas and the software on your Mac. To make this possible, we added almost 50 new capabilities to the desktop. Download it today, and try it out! The demo version only lets you use three desktops, but that’s three times more than you have right now! Demo version can be found here… And now in Conjure 4.5, you get new tools, tabbed desktops, better DropBox support, and over 20 other new features and enhancements. Note: A full license for Conjure is 20% off *only* when you buy it through Requires: Intel 64-bit Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later.  
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9 Comments to 20% off Conjure for LightWave3D Users

  1. Nice, just 2 bad it’s for MAC 😉

  2. Chilton Webb says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I know, I’ll get around to porting this one of these days 🙂

  3. Ian Thompson says:

    Its a cool idea and its for Mac! 🙂

  4. Wolfgang Oberleithner says:

    Very interesting, too bad it’s Mac only

  5. Dale Campbell says:

    When will it be ported to Windows ?

  6. Cailean says:

    I’ve played with it and it’s a fantastic idea; unfortunately, it has a few issues I’d like to see worked out before I buy a license.

    One 500×300 image I brought in showed up as small as a postage stamp, despite showing up properly in other applications, and file conversion didn’t solve the problem. When scaled, it was pixelated and impossible to see.

    There seems to be no modifier key to allow you to restrict scaling an image to its native aspect ratio.

    Conjure does not follow file relocations occuring outside the program; if a file is moved, it should either keep track (I’ve seen other programs do this), or at least ask you to relocate the file. Also, once a file has been relocated, it should scan that location for other currently missing files.

    It would be nice if movie files could have the same sort of love that images do; not being able to see a preview of a movie is disappointing. Knowing Apple’s API hooks for core services, I would be surprised if this wasn’t relatively easy to implement.

    Once the last file has been removed from a cluster, the cluster should disappear. Deleting a cluster is a non-intuitive experience. You cannot do so from the context menu.

    Expanded clusters do not retain (or often forget) the prior expanded icon arrangement.

    “Release selected clusters” does not seem to do anything different than “Expand all clusters”, and does not delete the cluster as expected.

    It is impossible to interact with an organizer without reading the manual or watching a tutorial. It is an enigmatic icon that tells me objects are inside it, but clicking or double-clicking on it does nothing. The context menu also offers no guidance.

    There’s a lot of great potential in an application like this, but it feels like it needs a lot more testing and input from users. The UI is usable, although a bit hard on the eyes, and the UX definitely needs work. Until that time, although it’s a great idea, I’m afraid it doesn’t feel ready to be a commercial product yet.

  7. Cailean says:

    Excellent! I look forward to it. 🙂 I’m currently collaborating remotely with a friend and being able to share Conjure desktops as brainstorming tools would be amazing.

    Speaking of which, can you save and share them?

    If not, at least doing it via screen-sharing will be a great step forward.

    • Chilton Webb says:

      Absolutely. Sharing will be a big part of the next version.

      In the current version, Conjure is one of I think 5 total Mac apps that natively support iChat Theater. But Apple never pushed that feature forward. It was also the first Mac app that supported sharing data via Dot Mac, but Apple pulled the plug on that feature about a week after I put it in 🙂

      So the next version has its own socket based sharing system, so I’m not depending on Apple or anyone to play middle-man now.


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