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Practical Production Techniques Volume 6: Advanced Surface Baking

After almost a year since the last Practical Production Techniques installment, Kat is back with another amazing PPT Volume. This time Kat shows you how to take advantage of LightWave3D’s poweful render engine and the LightWave Surface Baking Camera along with your favorite compositing tools to produce photo-realistic surface baking of just about any object you can imagine and get them ready for use in a video game engine such as Unity3D or Unreal UDK. With a run time over 200 minutes, Practical Production Techniques Volume 6: Advanced Surface Baking takes you through the basics and fundamental concepts of surface baking and ramps up to high-end, never before revealed techniques Kat has used in production on console games and film/tv shows. This video is a must have for anyone looking to take advantage of LightWave and Unity3D together. Get photo-realistic results using these methods while also optimizing your work flow to make it possible to push through entire sets or levels for your game production. Using assets from the “Stasys” production, this is a real world example and not “theoretical” concepts. The results speak for themselves and you will be able to achieve the same results regardless of you just starting out or having extensive experience in 3D/Games production.
Just $24.95USD SurfaceBakeExample Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 22.23.01

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