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Only 2 more days left!

Our November sale is actually still going on. If you haven’t taken this opportunity to get 25% off on your training and tools purchases (for L3D products only) you have just shy of 48 hours to do it! You can get 25% off your purchases by using the coupon code: LWGNOVEMBER Also, we are running a special while the LightWave Group has discounted new seats of LightWave3D and upgrades of LightWave3D. If you purchase your upgrade or new seat from us, you will receive a special 35% off coupon for our products and training videos. This deal only lasts as long as The LightWave Group (NewTek) has their special on and they are not telling us when that deal will end. So if you haven’t upgraded yet or you have been thinking about taking the plunge and getting a seat of LighWave3D, now is the time to do it by purchasing your upgrade or seat from us.

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