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Liberty3D Welcomes Legendary Character Animator, Tom Roth.

Yup, it’s official and we are very happy about it! We have a new Citizen and a new video product for you as we continue to push as much as we possibly can into all aspects of LightWave3D training from modeling, texturing, lighting, effects, and with recent addition Ryan Roye, we now welcome Tom Roth to round out our Character Animation offerings. Tom has been working in the industry for over 40 years, and his of experience in the animation industry can now be a part of what guides you through the essential fundamental principles of Character Animation. Tom’s first video released through is for character animators of all levels. The techniques discussed in this video are not just for 3D but apply to any character animation type. 3D, 2D, Stop Motion even. With video and demonstration content, this tutorial is complete with hours of insight into techniques and principles taught to Walt Disney Feature Film Animators and put into practice in production. Much of this training is about the art of animation, not the specifics of how to use the software, so this training will benefit budding animators no matter what application they use. We are proud to present Tom Roth’s Basic Principles of Character Animation for 3D Animators. Great content is included in this title! Check it out! Video: 01-TheBouncingBall.mp4 02-Flexibility.mp4 03-BodyMechanics_1.mp4 04-BodyMechanics_2.mp4 05-Beginning_Acting.mp4 06-Animating_A_Walk_Cycle.mp4 07-Animating_A_Run_Cycle.mp4 08-Animating_A_Skip.mp4 09-Animating_A_Strut.mp4 010-Animating_A_Jog.mp4 Other goodies include the character and rigs used in the video (in LightWave 3D format) plus thumbnails of the exercises discussed which you can print out and use to as reference for poses as you work! Here is a quick preview of the video. Only $34.95USD

2 Comments to Liberty3D Welcomes Legendary Character Animator, Tom Roth.

  1. erikals says:

    Looks Great!! 😀

  2. Ryan Roye says:

    The preview video is really the tip of the iceburg and I don’t feel it elaborates enough on the depth and quality of the information that this series provides.

    Tom’s content effectively teaches the principals of animation in a practical, easy to absorb manner and is packed with illustrations, examples, and references to help convey the info. You could have the best rig and animation software on the planet, but without knowing the concepts of motion and how they apply to character animation it won’t do anyone much good. It is important to understand that Animation itself is an *entirely separate* skill that must be learned, practiced, and developed no matter what medium is being used, 2d or 3d. That said, if anyone is looking to learn how to animate, this is the *VERY FIRST* video that all visitors of should pick up as it focuses less on the technical stuff and more on the importance of getting convincing motions out of your characters.

    So many 3d animators jump into animating without understanding the concepts of motion, and I’m really… REALLY glad Tom Roth was generous enough to share his work here on

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