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Well it wasn’t easy but in the end it was a simple fix to get us back online. First of all I want everyone to know that none, and I mean NONE of our customer information was compromised during this incident. Our system isn’t set up in a way where that information is exposed. Secondly, I would like to thank the Citizens of for their assistance in working this problem through and as a result we were down for less than 48 hours. We have corrected the problems that lead to this incident and made further adjustments to our server to prevent this style of attack (along with many others) from happening again. For now however the forums remain offline as that is a separate component. This will not impact the performance of the main site at all. Our store is back up and running, and is secure (as always), and we hope to be releasing some new videos here shortly now that our attention can return to producing content rather than data bases, themes and templates. However, some of you probably caught a glimpse of our new site design during our downtime, although in a horrid state  as it’s not finished yet. So the site will change a bit in the coming days/weeks. We also have some very special news coming in the next little while. So stay tuned for that!   Kat  

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