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Fourth of July Fireworks set up in LightWave3D

Well, it’s nearly the Fourth of July, and here in the United States, that means fireworks displays. It’s been a long time since dwburman has put out a tutorial, but here are a couple of old and free tutorials that he made that fit with the season. Fireworks part 1 – Particle Emitter Setup And, while he didn’t label it as part 2, it pretty much covers what part 2 would have covered: the sparkling bits. Making Particles Sparkle in LightWave 3D YouTube hosts some really good examples of fireworks made by other people using Lightwave. The one by David Ridlen is worh pointing out because it looks good and it includes a few details on how he set up his emitter hierarchy in the description of his video. He also mentions enhancing the render using Fusion which is now available as a free download.

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