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Lightwave 2015 Bundle- Volumes #1 to #6- Bonus: Dinosaur Mega Pack & Creature Eye Pack

This Lightwave Bundle Contains: Lightwave 2015 Getting Started Volumes #1,2,3,4,5, and #6. It is intended for Beginner Level 3D Students as an introduction to the Layout portion of Lightwave. *Bonus: Dinosaur Mega-Pack and Creature Eye Pack.  Over 40 Base Dinosaur Mesh Objects and Creature Eye Image Maps.   $65.00 US
  LW_2015_Vol_4_Demo_Pic_01 LW_2015_Vol_5_Demo_Pic_01 LW_2015_Vol_3_Demo_Pic_01   LW_2015_Vol_1_Pic_001   LW_2015_Vol_6_Demo_Pic_03 LW_2015_Vol_6_Demo_Pic_02 LW_2015_Vol_6_Demo_Pic_01 LW_2015_Vol_5_Demo_Pic_02

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