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The passing of another LightWave3D legend – Ron Thornton

It is with great sadness that we must report Ron Thornton, LightWave legend who each and everyone one of us owes a great debt of gratitude to as we would most likely not have the careers we have today without his groundbreaking vision; has passed away. Godspeed Ron. Say hello to Larry for us.   Your friends at

5 Comments to The passing of another LightWave3D legend – Ron Thornton

  1. Rob Callicotte says:

    Didn’t know him, but know his name and see his meaning to many. So sorry to hear of the loss, especially for his friends and family.

  2. Un grand merci pour tout ce qu’il a apport√© au monde de la 3D.
    C’est avec un grand plaisir que je visionnais les objets de Babylon 5 qui composait le Cd Contents de Lightwave 3.5.

  3. ianr says:

    Ron was on the cutting edge of sc-fi vfx in the day, like I said
    on the cutting edge. So much he cut a hole in the apartment
    so to feed cables into next door so they could network render
    their two Amiga 2000’s for the Bab5 pilot.

    God speed Ron…. you Visionairy Master

    (as posted on LightWave3d forum)

  4. Wow,

    Just found this….

    What a great inspiration, artist, visionary he was….


  5. karma17 says:

    Actually watching Cinematic Visual Effects on VHS tape right now, Dec 2018. He has a nice presentation style, and I’m picking up a few tricks!

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