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Advanced Turbulence FD for LightWave3D – Masks and Fuel Masks

Kat is back in another installment of his TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D series with “Advanced TurbulenceFD For LightWave3D – Masks and Fuel Masks”. Running approximately 182 minutes, this video features great tips on how to take advantage of TurbulenceFD’s mask and fuel functions. One of the big “secrets” to making your scenes with TFD shine is to provide TFD’s simulation engine with more variables. Learn how this makes a huge difference when going for high-end looks of fire and smoke that moves naturally but can be controlled practically anyway you want. This not limited to digital pyro (explosions and stuff of that nature) in general. Other effects like fog, welding beads, engraving, clouds for planets and more can be tamed easily using the methods covered in this video. Featuring 5 example scenes that you can break down and then apply the techniques in your own shots, “Advanced TurbulenceFD For LightWave3D – Masks and Fuel Masks” is a great value to anyone looking to step up their game with TurbulenceFD and or need ideas of how to go about taking what they have learned so far in the series and rounding out their knowledge so they can take on any challenge head on. There is no reason why someone who is just starting out with TurbulenceFD can’t take advantage of the techniques covered in this title but a working knowledge of TurbulenceFD for LightWave is advised.  Need a good place to start? Make sure to check out Kat’s other videos covering TurbulenceFD for LightWave here. Just $29.92USD
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