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New!! Lightwave 2015- Getting Started in FiberFX- Volume #1

Getting Started in FiberFX- Volume #1

Hey Kids!! Things are about to get very Hairy!! and Furry!! In this four volume training series 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will show you how to add Hair, Fur, Grass, and other cool Fibrous detail to your 3D Characters and 3D Models using Lightwave 3D’s powerful Fur & Hair System!! FiberFX is a fairly deep package with a lot of great features/options. Lots of Buttons and Controls to tackle.  With that being said it can very scary and confusing to get started without getting lost or frustrated. This four volume course is specifically designed to help beginner 3D students get started quickly through easy to follow tool-based and small project-based video chapters!! FREE Bonus Content:  3D Practice Character Models are included in the digital download. *(Free Tiger, Elephant, Rhino, Human Female and Puff-Ball character models included!!) Learn the tools to make all sorts of traditional, wild and messy hairdos!! Easily create that “Bed-Head” look!! Just $19.00 USD

Table of Contents for Volume #1

 Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- What is FiberFX?

Chapter 3- Location of FiberFX in Modeler & Layout

Chapter 4- How to Activate/Deactivate FiberFX, View Modes, Object/Surface Drop Down List

Chapter 5- Max Fiber Density (Basics)

Chapter 6- Max Fiber Density (Using Image Projection)

Chapter 7- Max Fiber Density (Using Procedural Textures)

Chapter 8- Relax

Chapter 9- Cluster & Cluster Radius

Chapter 10- Fiber Type

Chapter 11- Volume Type (Stroke & Solid) and End Caps

Chapter 12- Fiber Width

Chapter 13- Fiber V (Gradient- Input Parameter)

Chapter 14- Edge & Fiber Smooth

Chapter 15- Gravity & Dynamic Gravity

Chapter 16- Use Dot (Gravity)

Chapter 17- Fiber Kink

Chapter 18- Splay

Chapter 19- Stray

Chapter 20- Swirl, Random, Swirl Turns

Chapter 21- Tuft

Chapter 22- Clump (Short Hair)

Chapter 23- Clump (Long Hair)

Chapter 24- Scale (Fiber Length)

Chapter 25- Random Length

Chapter 26- Saving &  Loading FiberFX Projects

Chapter 27- Final

Running Time:  2 hrs. 25 mins.

High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels)

Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)

Level: Beginner

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