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Lightwave 2018 – Volume #2-Getting Started II- Bonus: 40 Free Environment Texture Maps!!

LightWave3D 2018 – Volume #2-Getting Started II In this second volume of 12 volumes, 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will not only show you how to get up and started using Lightwave 2018 but will also introduce you to some of the new powerful features. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. Some of the topics covered include Autofit Items, Parenting Scene Items, Cloning Scene Items & Hierarchies, Keyframing Basics for Animation, Glow Filter,  Volumetrics Lights Node Introduction, and many more New Lightwave 2018 Light Features!! Just $19.00 USD
FREE Bonus Content: 1) Environment Maps- Volume #1 (40 Environment Maps)- 4096 x 2048 pixels 2) Environment Maps- Volume #2 (10 Environment Maps)- 4096 x 2048 pixels Table of Contents Section One (Layout Basics) Chapter 1 – Intro Chapter 2 – Autofit Items Chapter 3 – Parenting Items (Basics) Chapter 4 – Clone Current Item Chapter 5 – Clone Hierarchy Chapter 6 -Auto Keyframe Mode (Animation Basics) Chapter 7 – Delete Keyframe Chapter 8 – Manual Keyframing (Part One) Chapter 9 – Manual Keyframing (Part Two) Chapter 10 – Manual Keyframing (Part Three) Chapter 11 – Manual Keyframing (Part Four) Chapter 12 – Manual Keyframing (Part Five) Chapter 13- Glow Filter Section Two (2018 New Features) Chapter 14- Volumetric Lights Node Chapter 15- Distant Light-Angle Parameter Chapter 16- Area Light- Visible to Camera Chapter 17- Area Light- Image Input Chapter 18- Area Light- MIS Samples Chapter 19- Area Light- Normalize Chapter 20- Portal Lights Chapter 21- Linear Light- Size Chapter 22- Linear Light- Length Chapter 23- Linear Light- Ends Chapter 24- Environment Lights (Part One) Chapter 25- Environment Lights (Part Two) Chapter 26- Final Running Time: 3 hrs. 15 mins.High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner Just $19.00 USD

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