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LightWave3D turns 30! We turn 10!

Join us in celebrating 30 years of amazing LightWave3D history and future greatness during our 10th Anniversary special as continues to bring you new training, tools, technology and services to the LightWave3D community. Use our coupon code: 30YearsOfLightWave-10YearsOfLiberty3D to get 30% off your purchases off almost everything in our store until May 1st, 2020.
LightWave3D 2020?
(and a note from Kat)
Yes. It’s coming (there was never a doubt in our minds because, we know). We  know the community is looking forward to details from NewTek regarding the release of LightWave3D 2020, and we have it on good (the best) authority that it is very close to release. Like in previous years, we won’t ultimately know anything about it until it releases in terms of features, functions and fixes and this is consistent with NewTek policy on its product releases.  Even if we did, we couldn’t tell you! Remember… Don’t panic and always have your towel! – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Users may not like that, but that is the way it is. It is unfortunate that recent world events have lead to cancellations of tradeshow events such at NAB here in Las Vegas where NewTek first announced the VideoToaster 30 years ago and we first got look at LightWave3D in its “true form” as a feature in that iconic product that launched the “Desktop video revolution”. For us as 3D artists, it launched the 3D revolution as well. That’s why we are working as hard as we can to keep the community together and continue to provide it with opportunities, education, technology and services that compliment the amazing tool that is LightWave3D. Join us in doing so and we will see amazing things together as a community. “Service guarantees citizenship!” As it is our 10th birthday, I want to personally thank everyone on behalf of all of our citizens, past and present for your support, purchase,  participation and well wishes after my recent trip to the vet. I am on the road to recovery but I’m not out of the woods just yet. At this time, I would like everyone to also keep one of our long time supporters who has been in the background working with us and helping us as me personally during good times and bad with the community; in mind. That person is Jim Talley. Stay with us, man. There is more to come. Much more. And yes, you will want to know. “Stay tuned.” – Kat Founder,

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