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Liberty3D Steroscopic Camera Beta

Hi there! Ok we are almost ready for release, but we are going to offer an opportunity for beta testers to get in on the ground floor of this plug-in for LightWave3D  at a discount. You can watch a quick video here demonstrating some of the basic functionality of this camera. Liberty3d Stereoscopic Camera Teaser Video This Camera is the first installment of a series of Cameras that we are working on for LightWave3D. While we won’t get into specifics about what those other cameras are at the moment, they are handy and incredibly desired by many in production around the world in the LightWave3D community. These cameras will eventually be offered as a single package, but if you get into the beta now, you will be able to pick them up at a further discount as they become available and be able to directly affect their development. To get in on the Beta for the Stereoscopic camera, it’s $25.00USD and we are limiting the slots to a small number of people. The Beta period will be quick, so don’t miss out. After the 1.0 version releases, the price will go up to $35.00USD but we will still offer pricing discounts to people who purchase the Stereoscopic camera after initial 1.0 release when they purchase other cameras in this series. In order to join the beta, send me an email at Once you are approved you will be invoiced for $25.00USD, then when you pay you will be send the plug-in which will be releasing in beta for PC Win32bit, 64bit and MacUB 32bit. 64bit Mac is being considered. After you receive the plug-in and load it into LW, send us your dongle number and will send you a key which will unlock the plug-in for use! Not everyone who emails me will be able to participate, but we will extend this beta invite to everyone we possibly can yet we do have to limit it. Enjoy the sneak peak video!

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