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3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Auto-Retopology

3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Auto-Retopology-by Adam Gibson In this videos series we show 3D students how to use 3D Coat and Lightwave 3D together as an easy and functional workflow and pipeline in your 3D projects. Although this video series uses Lightwave 3D as the final output for your 3D Coat work, the concepts and principles used here will work with all the most popular 3D programs like 3D Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Cinema 4D and many others. In this volume on the new Autoretopology tool in 3D Coat 3.5 basic and advanced uses of the Auto-Retopology tool are demonstrated in great depth.  Workflow application and pipeline use are shown with regards to how to combine Lightwave’s Modeler tools with 3D Coat’s standard retopology tool set to correct Auto-Retopology glitches, gotchas, errors and limitations.  With the methods included in this video you will learn how create clean retopologized meshes for use in Lightwave or other 3D packages. The video starts off with how to use the Auto-Retopology tool and then finishes with a full hands on project on a rhinoceros model/mesh that needs to be retopologized and exported to Lightwave 3D. Table of Contents for Auto-Retopology Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Retopology Basics: Voxels Part One Chapter 3- Retopology Basics: Voxels Part Two Chapter 4- Retopology Basics: Voxels Part Three Chapter 5- Retopology Basics: Voxels Part Four Chapter 6- Retopology: Creature Model Part One Chapter 7- Retopology: Creature Model Part Two Chapter 8- Density Modulator Chapter 9- Strokes and Edge Flow Chapter 10- Deleting NGons and Triangles Chapter 11- Advanced Mesh Retopo: Part One Chapter 12- Advanced Mesh Retopo: Part Two Chapter 13- Advanced Mesh Retopo: Part Three Chapter 14- Advanced Mesh Retopo: Part Four Chapter 15- Human Head Retopo: Part One Chapter 16- Human Head Retopo: Part Two Chapter 17- Rhino Retopo Project: Part One Chapter 18- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Two Chapter 19- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Three Chapter 20- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Four Chapter 21- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Five Chapter 22- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Six Chapter 23- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Seven Chapter 24- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Eight Chapter 25- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Nine Chapter 26- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Ten Chapter 27- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Eleven Chapter 28- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Twelve Chapter 29- Rhino Retopo Project: Part Thirteen Running Time: 6 hrs. 15 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1440 x 900 pixels) Quicktime Video Just $19.00USD

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