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Time-Lapse Modeling: Samsung Cell Phone

Rodrigo Caetano is posting time-lapse videos of a Lightwave modeling, rendering and compositing project on Vimeo. Watching other people model, even without narration, can be beneficial to beginners and pros as well. These videos (so far) show setting up reference images and doing a lot of sub-division modeling. Video 1 Video 2 Google translation of the videos’ description: “Modeling, Rendering and Composition of a Samsung phone with Lightwave and Photoshop CS5 10. Remembering that to make this video I have not studied or modeled modeling options before the appliance. It’s all in the nail and uncut, so some control Z appear often …. lol

Thanks …” Rodrigo Caetano's Cell Phone Model

Note: Some of the music Rodrigo plays in the background of the videos might not be suitable in some workplaces or around small children, so you might want to turn the volume down if you’re in a place where that would be a problem.

2 Comments to Time-Lapse Modeling: Samsung Cell Phone

  1. Tony Prohl says:

    Nice, I like how it shows different modeling thoughts during your process. I like how you try something, throw it away and start again. Great Job!

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