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Ignition London (aka Digi-Guys) goes down, finally.

News came earlier this week that Ignition London (aka Digi-guys or Digi-Lies depending on who you ask) has finally been forced to can Project Kane, WarDevil, Enigma, or whatever the hell it was they were working on after 9 -10 years in development. The article link below says 5 years, but that’s since Ignition bought them and turned them into the UTV family of companies. The actual development time on that “title” was closer to a full 10 years and was a complete waste of money. I worked at Digi-Guys and I can tell you the problem was not with the artists, but with MANAGEMENT. Good riddance! The only question now is, what are they going to do with all that awesome hardware they spent millions on and didn’t use for anything? Auction it? If anyone knows, let us know. We may be interested. We could actually put it to good use. Here is the article describing in no real terms (digi-guys/ignition management was always vague because they were always clueless).  

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6 Comments to Ignition London (aka Digi-Guys) goes down, finally.

  1. Jeric says:

    Isn’t any hardware older than, say, 3 years, semi-pointless for something as intense as Iron Sky? Unless it was dirt-cheap, of course. But you’d still have to get it to Tempera (sp?)from London.

  2. Jeric says:

    –After following a bunch of links from that story, I’m so glad I never got a job in the gaming industry. Sounds like a bunch of sociopaths hold management positions.

    • kat says:

      Yes, AW (the “creative director) was the worst pixel fucker I’ve ever had to work for, with etc. Totally insane person with no idea or clue as to what he really wanted until he “saw” it, and he would piss around to try and look and act like a “director” when all he was really doing was wasting money and embarrassing himself.

  3. erikals says:

    wow, haha, that took some time,… :]

  4. Grubert says:

    I had dealings with this company years ago when they were starting up this project, and they were the biggest collecton of stupid wankers I ever heard of, it’s enough to put anyone off working in games for life. Sadly, delusional management seems to be rampant in this business. How the mighty have fallen!

    • kat says:

      Totally nutty people and when it really came down to it, complete scam/slime jobs. I feel for the artists that “stuck with it” because all they got in the end was pink slips.

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