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Iron Sky – Day 41

Ah yes, Tampere heat. It’s HeatWave3D here in the office at Energia, but someone had the radical idea today of shutting off the A/C and opening the windows and letting the heat out.  And yes, it works. And double yes, it was my idea from 3 weeks ago. 😛 Samuli is funny. I think the heat got to him earlier in the month and its just letting off now. I nearly died yesterday after eating indian buffet while in the indian restaurant which was at least as hot as the office – but with extra spice. While I can’t yet at this time show you L3D fans out there any additional “art work” or bits from the show, I can tell you that things are shaping up now that Tuomas Kankola is here, completing the LightWave3D team. He’s a texturing machine and I am very happy to have him on board. Tomorrow starts “previs madness!” and continues until we are finished it. Ah the VFX marathon begins, finally! Ok before it heats up more I think I’m going to enjoy more of Samuli’s girlfriend’s wonderful strawberry cake that she brought by for us LW people to eat. Yum!

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  1. J. says:

    Heck, no permission yet to show anything?
    Time to stir things up a bit, time to dress up like a moon Nazi, maybe that’s gonna work? 😉

    Just kiddin’, but I’m very looking forward to seeing how your enjoyable stories translate to images!

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