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Iron Sky – Day 44 (And an Independence Day Hello!)

Happy 4th of July, everyone – even if you are not American. We are just about done with previs of a very key and significant “battle sequence” for Iron Sky. Tomorrow, our Director, Timo comes and gives us a few notes and hopefully he likes the shots thus far. I have to say its impressive watching Luke, Philippe and Tuomas work even if its just over the last few days while we have all been in the same room. It’s night and day in terms of our ability to push through problems and get solutions onto the farm or in previs for review, compared to what has been done up until now with that other evil program (maya). LightWave3D, hands down is really the best solution for doing a show like this. It’s so much faster across the board and its very easy to use. Luke and I, over the last 24 hours have pumped out some of the best looking shots in terms of “staging and action” out of what I have seen thus far in the entire show. Now to be fair I haven’t seen everything in the show but really… whatever else that may have been done in maya that “rocks” more than likely took weeks if not months to put together. Where in LW we are doing stuff in days if not hours. That’s the difference and the important factor for things right now as there is very little time to waste on “MEL scripts” and B.S. dynamics plug-ins that have been in “beta” for 2 years on the maya side that barely do – and I know some might find this hard to believe – what ClothFX and HardFX do out of the box with LightWave3D. There will be some behind the scenes video shot this week, and I am hoping we can get some time on camera talking about LightWave3D and how its literally saving this show from AutoDesk Imperialism. Live Free or Die. Use LightWave! Happy 4th of July everyone!  

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