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Iron Sky – Day 17.5

Well, back in the office again. Luke and I are doing final touches and trying to accommodate everyone’s input on one of the capital ships. It’s not easy going but we are getting there. Everything goes into render tonight thankfully as we can swap out textures and re-render or render certain elements as matte objects and get it done. My only major concern right now is that its at least 38degress C in here and we have only half of the dedicated render farm system on at the moment. The power fluctuations from running the A/C to keep us and the boxes cool are making things very touchy electrically speaking. Plug the wrong thing in on one side of the room and boom, we could blow out the entire office. We lost a couple of days in terms of working (hours able to work that is) last week and this weekend it was so smoking hot things seemed to be going slow mo. Thankfully it cools off at night. More updates soon. Kat  

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 17.5

  1. J. says:

    The power at the Energia office has never been meant for huge out-of-normal-office-situations use, unfortunately.
    Hasn’t Samuli made calculations whether it’s sufficient?
    I’m sorry to hear this awesome project faces such horribly annoying issues.
    But I’m confident you guys will find a solution, even if it would be pulling extension cables to your neighbors or so. 😛

    Btw, who do you have to ask for permission if you want to post some renders? Only Samuli or also Timo or Tero?

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for some peeks!

    • kat says:

      To be fair, neither was the power systems at BSG VFX inhouse in 2005 and 2006. At the start of season III on BSG we had major work done to the office in building D at Vancouver Film Studios where we did the vfx In-house in vancouver to accommodate the power requirements.
      Render farms are majorly sensitive to fluctuations in power (brown outs or dips) and thankfully we don’t have those issues really, its just simply a matter of getting enough wattage and amps reliably while keeping cool at the same time. It’s a major challenge, but I am one of the few people who has done this time and again using LW for rendering and I know the ins and outs and Samuli and Joni are handling it rather well. Most people panic – These guys don’t and that’s a bit of a switch.
      Thankfully LW is so freaking fast (compared to every other major render engine on the market its smoking fast) even if we have blow outs we can stay on schedule. Yes, we will pull cable if we have to but we are not at that point yet. I think we will have things sorted in a few days. We are also in the middle of a major heatwave. It’s at least 30c outside and inside its got to be at least 45deg right now. Luke and I are here doing the LightWave artists version of “Sauna” 🙂
      It’s great actually. I get too loose some of the kitty hybernation weight I put on over the winter while still in Vancouver.
      During the winter thought or the fall, we are going to use the cold of finland to our advantage for sure I can tell you that.

      On the subject of calculations – until you actually test it out in real world environments you can never really estimate or otherwise guess where you are going to be for power and cooling. It’s practically impossible to gauge.
      I would like to double or Tripple our render power if possible and I may call in some heavy hitting people in the computer world to assist should the need arise. I want to turn the VFX on this show right up to full and not have any limitations to what we can do and do it in the shortest time possible. It really comes down to resources.


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