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Iron Sky – Day 29

I just checked my cel phone bill for the month while being over here. My bill for having one long distance call for 32 minutes, plus less than 10% of my data package consumed totals… (brace yourself) $701.80CND. I did some checking with the carrier over here that is partnered with and they said the rates are complete BS and that Rogers is pretty much out to lunch if they think they can get away with this. There are two reasons for this and for them (Fin Sonera). First, there is legislation in the EU that prevents such outrageous roaming charges and its capped at a maximum that is well below this amount and second, Fin Sonera or T-Mobile over here and in Germany could have supplied me with two brand new phones on a 1 year contract with full international calling, unlimited international texting and 3GB of data per month for about the same price as one month roaming in Europe checking my email once in a while on This is another reason why I think Canada really sucks and that Canadians have to get OVER this protectionist canadian-culture BS mentality that has made everything from its domestic TV, Radio and Film industry blow chunks since the inception of the CRTC, which goes back at least 70 years if not before that. The CRTC was founded to issue radio licenses just like the FCC in the USA, however it also became a cultural watch dog of sorts that could later be bought off by “canadian” companies – so as to guarantee a monopoly of all data and entertainment communications in canada. Rogers, Bell, Telus, are all the same scum who have price fixed everything to within 1-5% difference of each other. One of my biggest complaints and indeed HATRED of canada is the CRTC and its deadlock protectionist policies. As for Iron Sky… well we are making awesomeness. More on that in a bit.

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One Comment to Iron Sky – Day 29

  1. J. says:

    Those roaming rates are more absurd than Nazis on on the moon! 😮

    I’m wondering if it’s better in the USA?

    Those stories about crazy roaming rates sound very familiar, I’ve heard them often (here in the Netherlands ) before the EU regulations you mentioned were introduced.
    I’m disapointed the telecom companies don’t show some sanity, every normal human being knows those rates are 1000% out of proportion and unexplainable. (simply because there’s no good reason for those practices)

    Good luck, this kind of robbery has to stop!

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