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Iron Sky – Day 32

So I have now been here for a full 30 days – at least 1 month calendar wise that is. Luke and I are about to be joined by two LightWave3D artists (like us) this week. This is a good thing as there is a lot of work to do – but we are making huge steps forward now that things are being locked down and finalized. That’s the biggest trick to doing a show like this or even a TV show like when I was on BSG. There has to be a chain of command (which there is here) and it has to commit to keep a schedule. Yes, there will always be hiccups and all that but it’s part of the process. Once we have everything in the state we need it to be in (which is pretty much now, outside of some final things we need to address) the rubber hits the road. I just had a great conversation with Samuli who is our VFX producer (as well as being one of the producers of the show as a whole) and fellow LightWave3D artist, who has been working in the software for almost as long as I have, planning out one of the major sequences in the film. This will be done largely in LightWave if not totally in LightWave and its a great thing because we know we can do this directly with little “gotcha” factor involved. This area of VFX is where LightWave is absolutely hands down, king of the hill. It’s good to be the king. Oh yes it is! But in the mean time I think Luke needs some sleep as you can tell from this picture below. Here are a few shots of us working really really late night.

Kat hard at work doing lighting tests in LightWave3D 10.x (shhhh! its a secret)

Luke Whitehorn from Kent, UK doing additional texture modifications to Nazi vehicles.


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3 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 32

  1. Good grief, Luke looks like he’s just been reanimated… 🙂

    Good luck guys!

  2. kat says:

    hahahahaha! Love it James and for the most part you are right. he’s fueled purely on tea and toast.

  3. What makes you so sure I wasn’t? 😛
    In all seriousness I’ve been suffering from insomnia.
    Furthermore, I always look like that.

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