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Lightwave Plugin of the Week: vRoom

Test of the vRoom plugin

Hi, and welcome to the first LW plugin of the week post here at There are a lot of amazing plugins for Lightwave out there, and not all of them are well known. We’ll be covering both free and commercial plugins made by Liberty3D citizens, and by others.

This week we are highlighting vRoom by Eurisko Studios (Luke Whitehorn). vRoom puts virtual rooms behind the windows in buildings (and, I presume, space ship) renders.

Here is a simple test I did with the plugin demo: Test of the vRoom plugin
There is no internal geometry in the building. That means no walls, no floors and no ceilings. All of the rooms you see in the building are added at render time. I did this test using the Mac64 version of Lightwave.

Here is a video from Eurisko Studios showing off a render:

Go to Eurisko’s vRoom videos page for a proper demonstration of how this great tool works.

Features include
  • Pseudo room geometry creation at render time
  • Automatic asset allocation from image library
  • Automatic allocation of curtains, blinds or other items to be seen in windows:
  • Per window pane distortion effects including
    • Inwards/outwards bulging
    • Individual pane tilts
    • Built in Perlin noise with per pane offset capability
  • Nodal control of
    • Percentage of lights switched on
    • Exposure and it’s varance
    • Blinds up/down amount
    • Window tint
    • Diffuse colour and amount
    • and more…
Requires minimum of Lightwave v9.3.1 Available for PC 32/64 bit & Mac 32/64 bit Reported to function with Known incompatability with popular third party tools
  • Kray instancing
  • HD Instance
by dwburman

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One Comment to Lightwave Plugin of the Week: vRoom

  1. erikals says:

    would’ve made some great rooms for the battlestar ships… :]

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