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Painting with Polygons

This video is a couple of years old now, but it’s a well-done presentation that’s worth watching more than once. It’s a nice example of using tools in ways their authors probably never intended.
From the video’s description: “Most non-photorealistic rendering solutions tend to involve brilliant but unwieldy new technologies, such as volume-based rendering engines or complex image analysis. Similar results can often be using simpler methods and non-proprietary toolsets, even toolsets designed with other effects in mind. Our studio has been experimenting with ways to achieve a hand-painted look with basic tools that are common to most 3D applications, in this case Lightwave. “

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4 Comments to Painting with Polygons

  1. erikals says:

    never realized this was Lightwave…

  2. Spirit of the Forest says:

    Ah, good video. Was there an article to go along with this video? Maybe I’m not remembering correctly…

  3. Mikael Burman says:

    Fucking amazing!!!

    What a treasure!!! Thanks Liberty 3D for posting this…



  4. dwburman says:

    There may have been an article with it. I vaguely remember watching the video around the time it came out, but not much else about it.

    Thanks, Mikael. Just to be clear, this video predates, so we had nothing to do with its creation. 🙂

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