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Help Bring Welcome to the Cosmos to life!

As some of you know, Tim Oliver and I did the VFX work on Welcome to the Cosmos back in 2009. Nick Hallum has been working to complete the rest of “season” scripts with his writing team and the creators of the show with consultation coming in from none other than Michael Rymer. Don’t know who that is? Well you should. I worked with Michael on several episodes of Battle Star Galactica as he directed a shuwack of them throughout the run of the series. Quality SciFi potential Factor? Incredibly high, so that’s a definite point of interest for sci fi fans starved of it on their prime time and cable channel viewing options. You can help bring Welcome to The Cosmos to the screen by getting involved! The production needs a bit of a boost. You can find out more here at Another bonus is that this will be a LightWave3D show and I hope to be able to come back and help out. So for anyone who is a LightWaver and has bought our training on LW from Liberty3D, well guess what? Thats your training material for how to get into the mix on a show like this. Fun, awesome looking Visual FX for something made by people like us, for people like us! Help out today! Kat 🙂

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