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Lightwave Plugin of the Week: Align & Distribute

Another Modeler plugin I’ve been using lately is Artur Wawrzonkiewicz’s Align and Distribute. This plugin brings Adobe-like alignment and distribution tools to Lightwave Modeler. This is an Lscript-based plugin, so it can work in several versions of LW and, since it’s free, you can easily check it out to see if it works for you. It is primarily a LW 9.x plugin, although it does partially work in LW10.1. (I’ve been using it on a Mac) The plugin can be found at the Artur’s website: – Direct Link: Artur does accept donations via PayPal, so if you find his plugins helpful, let him know. 😉 If you have any suggestions for plugins you’d like to see highlighted or comments about this plugin, feel free to comment here or in the Plugin of the Week thread in the forum.

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