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UberCam 1.9 Update!

Kiko has been very busy working on updates to UberCam and we are now releasing it to the public after a decent and successful round of Beta Testing. Special thanks go out to Ken, Jim, Charly and Dana for hammering on this thing. We also want to thank all of our citizens and users of Liberty3D UberCam over the past year since it was first released. Because of users like you, Ubercam is now being used all over the world and rendering shots on some pretty amazing stuff. That is also why this release is a free update! So without further delay Liberty3d is very pleased to bring you UberCam 1.9! UBERCAM 1.9 for LightWave3D is a collection of 17 radically useful new camera types that you can use in production right away. You can now download UberCam 1.9 and try out Spherical Camera, and our Perspective Camera No DoF no MotionBlur versions without a purchase required. Once you have had a look around you can then purchase a key from our site. Make sure to check out the Performance Camera as well so you can test your scenes for speed. UberCam 1.9 is a free update to all paid registered users. DOWNLOAD UBERCAM 1.9 HERE For more information and to Buy UberCam 1.9 visit the product page directly Or enter in your HWID: Number(s) for Your Dongles below and click add to cart!
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Volume discounts are available for studios and educational institutions. Please contact us for more details!

3 Comments to UberCam 1.9 Update!

  1. Phil says:

    The download link appears to be broken.

  2. kat says:

    Give it another try. It’s correct on the main product page for it on the menu, but in the post here it got gooned. It’s fixed now.

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