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LightWave Plugin of the Week: UberCam

This week’s plugin is our very own UberCam plugin. UberCam is actually a set of over a dozen cameras for LightWave. UberCam is still being maintained and improved and version 1.9 was just released. We not only fixed bugs in the existing cameras, we’ve added a few new cameras as well including a Spherical Camera, a Radial Shift Camera and a DPI Camera which makes setting up a render for print painless. Because of the shear number of cameras in this plugin, this week’s video is a long one clocking in at nearly 19 minutes. If that video isn’t long enough for you, there are a couple of more in depth demos of an older version of UberCam that were recorded at an LA LightWave User Group meeting earlier this year. UberCam demos from the March 20, 2011 LA Lightwave User Group meeting. Part 1 – UberCam OverScan: Part 2 – UberCam Stereo & Dual Cam: You can find the plugin page HERE This plugin works in LW 9.3.1 through LW 10.1+ on both the Mac and Windows. The Mac version requires OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher. The Performance Camera (also included in UberCam) does not work in 64 bit mode on the Mac.
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