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NewTek Releases LightWave3D 11.0.1

NewTek just announced a few minutes ago that LW11.0.1 is now available for download for LW11 Users You can read all about the announcement and initial reactions at the link above but for a quick run down on what has been updated and tweaked (this was a massive bug killing release and NT has done a great job at that!) read on here.   From NTs forum… ” Dear LightWave 11 Users and HardCORE Members: NewTek LightWave 11.0 has been received by the user community and press as the most stable and feature-rich ordinal update ever for the product, and as a strong and promising new direction for NewTek’s 3D development. NewTek is pleased now to follow that success by announcing the release of LightWave 11 Service Pack 1 (aka, 11.0.1), a maintenance update based on the feedback users have provided in the first few weeks of use of LightWave 11.0. The service pack demonstrates NewTek’s commitment to fast and responsive development for the benefit of LightWave’s users. While all areas of the application received attention, special emphasis was given to the new feature areas added to LightWave 11. For LightWave 11 Users: The original files for LightWave 11.0 available on our Content Delivery Network have now been replaced with the LightWave 11 Service Pack 1 files. You can get the new files using the links you received by email when you placed your order for LightWave 11.0. The files you would need are whichever installers you wish to use and the and the files. If you purchased LightWave 11 Pre-Release, but have still not received your coupon code to get LightWave 11, please contact Customer Support at, and provide your name, the email address that you used when setting up your online shop account, and the order number of your LightWave 11 Pre-Release purchase. We urge you to do this right away. For HardCORE Members who have not yet purchased LightWave 11: If you have not taken the opportunity yet to download and check out the LightWave 11 Trial Edition, the Trial is now using the LightWave 11 Service Pack 1 files, and we hope that you will give it a spin now. Instancing, Flocking, Bullet Dynamics, Fracturing, Virtual Studio Tools, FiberFX enhancements and many, many more are available for you to try in LightWave 11 Trial Edition here:…downloads.html When you are ready to make your purchase, we have a complete guide to purchasing LightWave 11 here: This should help you through anything you need to know to make your purchase. We will be updating this if there are any changes to any of the information included, and we will announce those changes here on the forum, as well. In conclusion: The great amount of work that went into identifying issues, getting them promptly addressed and confirming the fixes would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of the LightWave 11 users, via case reports to our Fogbugz database and via discussions here. We hope you will enjoy LightWave 11 Service Pack 1! We thank everyone for their participation here in this forum section. Discussion Thread: LightWave 11.0.1 :: 16 April 2012 :: Build 2253 LightWave 11.0.1: The first service pack for LightWave 3D 11.0.   Link to Discussion Thread: General Discussion:…ad.php?t=12523 Attached Below: PDF version of this listing. Maintenance Updates for Layout/Modeler/Hub Layout Instancing: Fixed Case 44326: The Array Instance type uses global coordinates instead of local. Fixed Case 44358: Changing instance count while VPR is active causes Layout to crash. Adding a Null to the treelist in instancing could cause crashes. Users cannot add Nulls to the instancing list now even though they still show up in the dropdown. Fixed Case 44079: Instancing with VPR crash. Add optimization to speed up the relaxation step. Fixed Case 44114: Instancer Z Spacing channel bug in Rectangular Array control. Fixed Case 44420: Instance count is incorrect when using Rectangular Array. Fixed Case 44463: F9 does not cast shadows from instances, VPR does. Fixed Case 44664: Instancing Scene with one item hidden renders correctly in VPR, hidden item renders as a void in F9. Added back ability to include nulls in the instance list; included nulls in the instance count. Fixed Case 44946: Instancing crash when set to “uniform” mode. Crash was caused by bad geometry, implement error handling for the situation. Specific problem with geometry supplied with the case was that there were zero-area triangles on t-intersections. Fixed Case 44809: 2242 – instancing of hierarchies not functional. Fixed Case 44812: Scaled instances render wrong. Fixed Case 44885: Instanced objects with displacement are in wrong place in OpenGL view, correct in renders. Fixed Case 43112: Layout appears to stall with a rectangular array with 1m spacing and more than 5000(X) x 500(Z) instances. Made the surface instancer respect the OpenGL % for interactive GUI handling. Further work on Case 43326: 2221 Instance offset not local coordinates. Make instance rotation order revision. Flocking: Fixed Case 44228: Flocking cache not using relative paths. Flocking cache is now aware of the content directory and can be made to work relative to that or using absolute paths. Fixed Case 44970: Flocking: Label for the item you pick (Flock – Item Motion) in the Motion Options panel and the label for the item after it has been applied (Flocking Motion Controller) do not match. Fixed bug in applying Initial Velocity vector Use Normals works with meshes properly now. Changed Deflector behavior, much more predictable now. Fixed handling of goal weights; previously ‘0’ setting did not eliminate effect of the goal, now it does. Migrated new Deflector behavior to be used by Converge as well. Flocking: Fixed director drawing to show correctly in orthographic views. Change to Avoid Collisions to help prevent actual collisions and make the separation behavior less ‘powerful’ and less likely to cause ‘explosions’ of movement. Fixed bug with range in Converge, and in Goal selection. Fixed Case 45355: Crash on Remove Selected when nothing in the list. Slight adjustment to how avoid collisions is handled to make for smoother behavior. IK/FK and Motion System: Fixed Case 44157: Goals which have Keep Goal In Reach applied were not being marked as moved, but were being recalculated. That caused those goals to be in an incorrect state. Fixed Case 42957: IK/FK Chains involving cameras and light items did not operate correctly when moved interactively, instead need to move timeslider to force update. Fixed Case 44592: 2240 Motion system lazy update breaks my RHiggit tools. This was actually a problem in the expressions and envelopes systems. Image Editor: Fixed Case 43851: Image Editor Crash when deleting or changing images when VPR is active. Fixed Case 42974: Image Editor does not refresh on Clear Scene. Fixed Case 43817: Image sequence “Start Frame” not respected on Reload / Replace. Fixed a problem with repeating messages showing up when running VPR then selecting a plugin in the Image Editor. Fixed Case 44413: When you replace sequence in Image Editor, must scrub OUT to get correct length. Fixed Case 44539: Image Editor: Cannot Replace Image Sequence of frames with a QuickTime clip – loses all assignments of that sequence. Fixed Case 44539: Image Editor: Cannot Replace Image Sequence of frames with a QuickTime clip – loses all assignments of that sequence. Fixed Case 42622: Image Editor: Crash when replace this image as Reflection Image. Surface Editor: Fixed Case 39571: Surface ‘Compatibility’ flag does not get copied when copying in Surface Editor. Added the copy of the compatibility flag. Graph Editor: Fixed Case 41148: Layout freezes with Graph Editor open and toggling through item Selection. Package Scene: Re-implemented the script in Python. Addressed several reported bugs with the previous Package Scene. Addressed missing support for new features, such as Flocking. Integrated new Python-based “Package Scene” script into the Layout menus. Removed the LScript-based “Package Scene” script from the product. Copy Radiosity Cache on by default. Fixed Case 45442: 11.0.1 2251 – Package Scene: Asterisk appended to pathname on Mac. Fixed Case 45382: Package Scene doesn’t copy image-sequences. Dynamics Fixed Case 44353: Enable Dynamics toobar button does not change state of checkbox in dialog. Node Editor Fixed an issue causing SSS materials not to work in F9. FiberFX Fixed a problem that occured when loading the beard content. Fixed backwards ghosting on the billboard selection in FFX polygonize dialog. Cleanup blank string creation in FFX panel and correct a bad pointer. Fixed a threading issue that resulted in the pixel filter rendering differently in horizontal strips across an object. Made a change to mesh change handling that should provide a speed improvement in the UI. Fixed Case 2212: FiberFX: Fiber texturing with image maps only works with Mip mapping set to off. Fixed Case 44070: 11 release: FFX gradient in fiber width render errors. Corrected issues in the width and tapering interpolation. Fixed Case 44351: Deactivate/Activate FiberFX with newly loaded cloned FiberFX object crashes Layout. Make the first selected surface show in the surface popup. Fixed Case 43630: 2230: FiberFX renders slower with GI in 11.0. Fixed by reverting to previous behavior for now. Fixed Case 44497: Weightmaps not working correctly with FiberFX in build 2238 and 2240. Fixed Case 44662: FiberFX openGL draws fibers incorrectly on Load. Fixed error in surface panel with repeating surfaces on multiple selections. Fixed Case 43783: Bias maps don’t seem to apply to fur. Fixed Case 44936: Using Load From Scene on scene with only the FiberFX master and volumetric plugins is causing crashes. Fixed Case 45025: Deformation speed problem in 11 with this scene. Fixed Case 44907: LW crash rendering frame 144 of this scene. Fixed Case 45138: 2244 FiberFX crashes when fiber drawing is on, and the values are changed. Fixed Case 45151: Unchecking FiberFX surface causes crash. Fixed issue with FiberFX panel selection losing focus when editing. Fixed issue with offset edit guides with modeled fibers parented to an offset hierarchy. Fixed Case 45152: Changes to textures in FiberFX don’t update in openGL. Fix VPR crash when changing volumetric parameters. Fixed Case 43657: 2322 – Missing FiberFX through transparent polygons. Fixed Case 45190: Raising “cluster”above 1 in FiberFX causes openGL/render error. Localization issue: FiberFX (modeler) would crash if the translation text was too big for some hardcoded-length text buffers. The buffers are now allocated at whatever proper size is needed for them. Fixed Case 45423: Layout 2250 Win32 : Crash on FFX Copy, Clear Scene, Paste. Copy/pasting in FiberFX is meant only for the current session. Made Paste ghost if it’s in an invalid state. Fixed Case 45445: FiberFX Jitters when using procedurals. Fixed Case 45451: FiberFX: Render hangs forever if no surface is selected. Fixed Case 45449: FiberFX: Crash Edit Strand on FiberFilter. Ghost edit button when it is not appropriate to edit. Fixed Case 45439: 2251: FFX not using ‘Use bone from’ for hair movement. Fix problem with bones and edited modeled guides. Fixed Case 45487: 2252: FFX edit guides buttons not working. Corrected ghosting logic. Fixed Case 45486: 2252: FFX changing settings on guide hairs does not update without forcing it. Fixed an issue where bones and styling of guide objects were not compatible: once a guide has a style applied bone deforms were ignored. Added capability to keep track of guide model deformation. Touchup refresh when returning from editing modeled guides. HyperVoxels Fixed Case 43862: HVDeform broken – appears to stretch rather than squash. Renderer VPR: Fixed Case 44191: Reflection blurring in VPR much darker than in F9. Fixed Case 44759: Enabling radiosity while VPR is active crashes this scene. Implemented minor fixes to make VPR render with fewer stalls. Fixed Case 44254: VPR render error using Random Pricks. Fixed Case 44808: VPR doesn’t render added clipmap. Fixed Case 44870: VPR not working correctly with Cubic Image Map projection and world coordinates; smeared in 64-bit, crashes in 32-bit. Fixed Case 45127: VPR crashes on this Scene on activation in Build 2243. Worked in previous scenes. Fixed Case 45008: NGon Light Angle Parameter Envelope halts VPR. Fixed Case 45205: Vol Light – Gradient: Distance to Light: Crashes Layout with VPR on. Sampling System: Fixed Case 44391: (Adaptive Sampling) Default “Low-Discrepency” sampling pattern introduces edge artifacts when cleaning up noisy lights. Fixed Case 44561: Oversampling makes normals render darker. Fixed Case 44460: Oversampling and sampling pattern blurry render bug. Composite Buffer Export: Fixed Case 43209: Compositing buffer problems with GI, Ambient Occlusion, “cracking” in the geometry buffer. Fixed Case 44740: Compositing Buffer Export bug, incorrect renders with certain destinations for some buffers. General: Fixed Case 42915: LW11 build 2212 x64 – per object custom GI setting get lost on replace. Fixed Case 44536: Interpolated radiosity+MDD deformed object+photoreal MB = bad artifacts. Fixed Case 44234: F9 not properly handling instances of an object set as Unseen by Rays. Fixed Case 44508: VPR and F9 renders not matching with Front Projection Image Map used in this scene. Fixed Case 42831: LWSN crashes on quit if Layout is still open. A placeholder solution has been implemented to allow the user to avoid the crash. Instead of quitting with the Close gadget, use CTRL-C when you are ready to quit LWSN. Sending “shutdown” from a render controller also exits LWSN safely. The Close gadget issue will be addressed in a future update. Partial Fix for Case 45356: Output rendered files have wrong color space. Fixed for OpenEXR output. Relativity: Fixed Case 45121: LW11.x relopts.cfg in program folder. The Windows version was putting the file in a legacy location that is not proper currently. The Windows version now matches the Mac version by placing it into the user’s settings folder. General: Fixed Case 44352: Canceling save from “object not found” dialog crashes Layout. Fixed Case 44219: Geometry created in Layout is not saved when you tick the Save Object checkbox.   Modeler General Fixed Case 44162: Background Mesh Color No Longer Editable. Fixed a problem with the text on the I/O tab for some menu sets. Fixed Case 42489: “Reduce Points” crashes Modeler (Mac). Layout/Modeler General Aesthetic tweak to viewport gadgets to have no rounded corners (looks neater). Fixed plugin reordering in the server panes being broken, as it gets the number of applied plugins completely wrong. This also fixes server pane edit events not being triggered when a plugin is reordered to any place that is not first or last. Fixed a variety of Localization issues for the applications and plugins. Fixed Case 44493: LW11 – Colorspace syncing between Modeler / Layout is broken. Fixed Luxigons not positioning lights correctly when created. File I/O Unity maintenance: Added “LightWaveAppLink” unity package (acknowledgments to Petter Sundnes for these improvements), providing following additional functionality over the current Unity Editor files: Asset import scale globally set to 1.0 as opposed to the Unity default of 0.01 No “_fbx” postfix for generated FBX files Light Map set up Unity 3D sync scripts: Fixed issues that were affecting mesh imports. Collada: Fixed Case 44666: Instant crash loading this DAE model. Fixed Case 45166: DAE crashes both Layout and Modeler on import to LW11. FBX: Fixed Case 44616: FBX Zoom precision not good enough for this Maya camera export to LW. Fixed Case 44615: FBX export issues with this Maya camera. SDK/Scripting Added an override for the LWSurfaceFuncs:setFlt() method so that the incoming Python data is properly converted into an expected “double *”. Added an override for the LWSurfaceFuncs:getFlt() method so that the returned “double *” is properly converted into a Python sequence. Added a missing ‘%ignore’ declaration for the LWSurfaceFuncs:getFlt() method. Python: Corrected the PCore system to set the File Requester dialog into the Python examples folder the first time a script is selected. Fixed Case 44195: Dragbutton Scaling broken in LW11. The original issue was caused by a fix made to allow minislider compound controls (MINISLIDER_CTL, PERCENT_CTL, DIST_CTL, and ANGLE_CTL respectively in the Panel SDK) to resize properly, but that made DRAGBUT_CTL no longer resize properly since the solution also inadvertently affected that. The fix has been revised to be limited to those 4 controls above so that they will resize properly while the drag button remains unaffected, thereby solving both issues. The result is a new StandardControlSetWidth function which accepts a flag to tell it if minisliders should be affected. By default we pass ‘true’ to get the old, original behavior (this didn’t work with the 4 controls above). For the 4 controls above, we pass ‘false’. Mac Fixed a crash in QTTools plugin when using the image loader. Made a change that allows the plugin to operate in the v10.1 environment as well. Fixed Case 45010: The Compositing Buffer Export panel is messing up the handling of file paths when using the file dialog after a path has been set, such as if you want to set a new path. Known Issues: Graph Editor Hotkey input sometimes is misdirected to text field. Graph editor sidebar inaccessible if the user tries to use 10.0 configs. The user must refresh configs for 11.0. VPR Turning off the color space option Color Correct OpenGL will cause VPR to mismatch with the F9/F10 renderer. For better workflow, the behaviors of the OpenGL views and of VPR will need to be separated; the scope of the work will put that outside the 11.0.1 cycle. FiberFX The Copy/Paste function is intended to be limited to the current active scene session, and not to carry over between sessions. However, the functions to ghost the Paste control and prevent and error-trap Paste operation in situations where it should not work are not fully working. The user will therefore need to exercise care not to try to work across scene sessions, as if you copy in FiberFX, clear scene, then paste in the FiberFX UI, the application will crash.” That’s a lot of bug fixes and improvements! NT has certainly been busy! Enjoy!  

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