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LightWave3D Genoma Update

The LightWave Group is busy and at it again coming off of their powerful and awesome LightWave3D 11.5 release with an update to Genoma coming in the form of two tools. Lino Grandi has provided us with these two awesome and extremely useful tools for Layout that make managing Genoma rigs that much easier. First up is the Genoma Renamer This plugin can be used to rename and add prefixes to one or multiple items. After adding the plugin, simply assign it to a menu (the Genoma Setup tab would be the right place). See it in action: YouTube Download Link: Genoma_Renamer.lsc Genoma Motion Manager. This plugin is a real time saver for users doing a lot of character work, and not only that. It offers a fast and intuitive way to assign anything we can normally manage from the Motion Panel, like a parent, a target, a pole, a goal or a Same As Item constraint. It works with one or multiple items. No more need to go through a huge item list to find the one you need! After adding the plugin, it can be accessed from the Master Panel. Be sure to set your Alert Level to Low in the Preferences/Display options, or you’ll have to click on the info/error messages. See it in action: YouTube Download Link: Genoma_Motion_Manager.lsc Add Genoma Motion Manager. Add this plugin to your menus, and you’ll be able to open/close the Genoma Motion Manager with a click (and even assign it to a key if you want). The plugin it’s named Genoma Motion. Download Link: Add_Genoma_Motion.lsc

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