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Otoy announces GPU Cloud Farm

Yup, those crazy kats at Otoy are up to all kinds of good. Check out their recent announcement about their new GPU based CloudFarm rendering network for Octane (which has LightWave support now). You can pick up Octane for less than a couple of decent nights out to the movies and make your own in the process and with 128 custom Kepler based GPUs that scale perfectly for performance you can do it faster than ever before…. hmmm… Tempting! Oh oh yes!  

2 Comments to Otoy announces GPU Cloud Farm

  1. Tony says:

    I really like the program but its a bit steep a price at the moment 279 Euros. I really do like the idea for the GPU render farm – very slick!

  2. kat says:

    Well the way I look at it currently is that I have (had, I left several machines behind in the move recently) a lot of boxes that suck a lot of power and the interactivity of Octane works out really nicely much like we enjoy with Fprime and VPR today inside of LightWave, but when it comes to full blown renders if I can ditch using the farm and pump out several seconds of final production images per minute on OToys’ cloud, its worth it.

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