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Secrets of SubD Modeling, Volume 1

Secrets of SubD Modeling, Volume 1

Note: This is part 1 of a two part series. Part 2 can be found here. These videos will teach you several subdivision modeling techniques specific to LightWave 11.5. While there are multiple videos in this series, each volume is self contained and can be viewed independently of the others. This video is around 3 hours long, and contains about half techniques, tips, and tricks, and half specific projects.   Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 6.06.45 AM Secrets Part 1 Filed down metal chunks – (2 minutes) – How to make your metal chunks look chunkier Cutting holes in a curved surface (Toroid) – (14 minutes) – How to cut a hole or slice out of a curved surface Creating a Shell effect – (24 minutes) – The infamous sliced up shell look. As seen on cars, trucks, doors, vehicles, every sci-fi movie ever made, and most anime robots. G-Subpatch (3 minutes) – About the G-Subpatch toggle and why it’s important Secrets Part 2 Fixing Mistakes (parts 1,2 and 3 are about 24 minutes)- there are a lot of ways you can screw up sub-d surfaces, and you’ll waste years of your life in misery if you don’t know what’s happening. This is a visual tour of how to recognize common mistakes and how to correct them. Bridging gaps with the Connect tool (5 minutes) – You can use the connect tool instead of the edge slice tool. It serves multiple purposes. Secrets Part 3 Eye sockets (21 minutes) – these are ultimately used on the Horny Cricket model Knobs and dials (26 minutes) – How to make various knobs and dials seen in sci-fi movies and on interfaces Secrets Part 4 Knife.rar (blade: 41 minutes, handle: 24 minutes)- How to make a tanto style rubber training knife, including handle.   Over 3 hours of video tutorials for $19.95 !

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