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Secrets of SubD Modeling, Volume 2

Secrets of SubD Modeling, Volume 2

Note: This is part 2 of a two part series. Part 1 can be found here. These videos will teach you several subdivision modeling techniques specific to LightWave 11.5. While there are multiple videos in this series, each volume is self contained and can be viewed independently of the others. This video is around 2 hours long, and contains mostly specific projects and workflows. This volume also contains all of the files for both volumes, along with a bonus file and a brief video discussing the creation of the Horny Cricket model for the Dark Reef video game.   Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 6.11.37 AM Volume 2 Secrets Part 1 AirScoop (12 minutes)- How to make an air scoop for a car Ammo (15 minutes) – How to make an ammo canister or grooved cylinder Volume 2 Secrets Part 2 Microphone and ear piece (26 minutes)- includes using the shell technique for the mic, and boolean subtraction on a curved surface Shells and rattles (10 minutes)- how to make decreasingly sized shells and a rattle snake rattle Air vents (9 minutes) – how to make an air vent quickly in sub-d mode Speaker holes (12 minutes) – how to cut holes in something (speaker holes, vent holes, torpedo wells) Robot Eyes (1&2) (20 minutes) – how to make a simple robot eye with a detached lens Volume 2 Secrets Part 3 Building a Birdhouse (6 minutes) – Learn the basics of sharp angles in sub-D mode. Building Neatly Beveled Objects (6 minutes) – Learn how to add geometry to something without affecting other parts. Building a Sloping Object (12 minutes)- How to make a sloping dent or a sloping incline. BonusFiles Includes all of the models seen in the above videos, along with a few that weren’t used in the videos but that demonstrate common concepts in sub-d modeling! The bonus files also includes the Horny Cricket, and a short video about his construction!   Over 2 hours of video tutorials for just $19.95 !

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  1. Tony says:

    Just picked up both of these sets and I wanted to offer up a HUGE thanks for such great material. Clear, concise video, great subject material — awesome.

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