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LightWave3D 11.6.2 now in Open Beta

The wonderful people at the LightWave Group have released 11.6.2 to OpenBeta this evening. (Working late guys and gals?) Here is a note that just came across our desks from the Burbank  Offices of the LightWave Group” The LightWave 3D Group has released a second Open Beta of the next update for LightWave, version 11.6.2. Please log into your account and view the list of Registered Products to download the latest version of the software. Click Here to log into your Account A list of the major changes is available in the Change Log. LightWave 11.6.2 will install in its own directory. We suggest keeping 11.6.1 installed due to the Open Beta status of this release. LightWave 11.6.2 uses the same license as your current 11.x version – just drag-and-drop the license file into the interface of 11.6.2 when first launching 11.6.2. Go get it!

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