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HDR LightStudio4 For LightWave3D

HDR LightStudio 4.0 is now available for LightWave3D. I was asked to beta test this months ago but couldn’t due to my schedule and I’m really wishing I had made the time. It’s freaking awesome! Check out these features: Main HDR Light Studio features for Lightwave3D users:
  • Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing
  • Live Connection between HDR Light Studio and LightWave3D
  • LightPaint – Point and click light positioning and selection in views (including VPR)
  • Supports Lightwave Renderer and Octane Render
  • Highly controllable procedural light sources
  • Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
  • Layered lighting system with blend modes
  • Enhance existing HDRI maps via localized adjustments to color, exposure and saturation
  • Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources
  • Store and manage preset HDR Light Studio environment designs in LightWave3D
  • HDR Light Studio lighting is embedded in the LightWave3D scene
Now granted,  it’s a bit pricey at 299 GBP and it seems there store isn’t updated just yet listing the LW version but we are sure thats going to be corrected shortly; the point of HDRLightStudio is to take the pain out of lighting in general while producing perfect “studio” lighting setups very quickly (seconds if you really know what you are doing). Working in tandem with VPR, the product gives you real-time – or as fast as your computer will go – feedback on your lighting in your scene. If you want a hit of light light to splash across a surface you can do this easily and quickly using the tools provided instead of futzing around with lights in LightWave. Once you are ready to rock the software produces the appropriate background image for your scene in High Dynamic Range, ready for render with G.I. as you work. Excellent. Learn more about the product here. Make sure you check out the demo version!

3 Comments to HDR LightStudio4 For LightWave3D

  1. Laticis says:

    As soon as I got the New Letter that Lightwave had been added it was purchased the next day.

  2. dwburman says:

    You can watch Matt Gorner’s presentation on this tool from a LA LightWave User’s Group meeting here:

    The version he demos might be different from the official release, though. It looks really cool.

  3. kat says:

    I should have participated in the beta… silly kat!
    Will have to pick this up next.

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