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VDB Splicer v1.0 released from DeepFX

Our buddy over at DeepFX has released a very interesting new tool this week that is certainly something that is going to get a lot of use soon if not already for those of you who work with Houdini and or Blender and Open VDB VDBSplicer is a geometry processing tool built on top of the industry standard OpenVDB library, that allows you to quickly process your objects in Lightwave 3D layout. VDB Splicer gives you powerful constructive geometry tools that work on the volumetric level. This will allow you to splice your geometry in a number of ways: Union, Difference, Intersection, and Re-meshing. Think of it as a way to take VDB and transform that information into hard surface data (geometry) but being able to do boolean operations using the VDB data first, instead of working with geometry where things can get… funky.                     You can find out more information here. The plug-in sells for $25.99USD which is pretty reasonable 🙂

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