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Monday, May 14th, 2018


Fusion for LightWave (2018) Artists – Vol. 6

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back once again with the first LightWave 2018 specific tutorial in the Fusion for LightWave Artists series. In “Fusion for LightWave (2018) Artists – Vol. 6” Kat breaks down a huge amount of information regarding the new AOV (Arbitrary Object Value) buffer system in LightWave3D 2018. This 11 part video tutorial contains information not covered in Kat’s previous videos in this series or any of his other titles to date. Learn how to break down your buffer selections so you get exactly what you need inRead More

Mouth Selector Node Setup for LightWave3D (free files from Dana Burman)

This is a set of nodes that can be loaded into your project for the mouth-swapping type of animation seen in Nightmare Before Christmas and Robot Chicken). Borne out of experiments using Adobe Character Animator, the mouth shapes and order are set up to match the “visemes” in Character Animator. I did add an “Alternate” slot as well for something like frowns or other shapes. You do not need Character Animator to use this. You just need to provide a value between 0 and 14 to select the corresponding mouthRead More