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New!! Lightwave 2019- Volume #7- Volumetrics I

Lightwave 2019- Volume #7- Volumetrics I Just $19.00 USD
In this seventh volume of the Lightwave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces powerful Volumetric Tools inside Lightwave 2019. Volumetrics are a powerful feature in Lightwave that will allow you to create Smoke, Fire, Clouds, Gases, Space Nebulas, and more. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. Some of the Topics Covered: 1) Emission, 2) Scattering, 3) Absorption, 4) Asymmetry, 5) Volume Types, 6) Texture Modes, 7) Gradients, 8) Volumetric Step Size, 9) Gas Explosion Project, 10) Realistic Clouds Project. Bonus Content: Tutorial Content Files. Table of Contents Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- What are Volumetrics? Chapter 3- Volumetric Types (Cube, Sphere, Cone) Chapter 4- Volumetric- Step Size Chapter 5- Volumetric- Radius Chapter 6- Viewport Preview Chapter 7- Emission & Emission Scale Chapter 8- Scattering & Scattering Scale Chapter 9- Absorption & Absorption Scale Chapter 10- Asymmetry Chapter 11- Texture Mode (None, Pyroclastic, Non-Pyroclastic) Chapter 12- Self Shadow Density Chapter 13- Realistic Clouds (Part One) Chapter 14- Realistic Clouds (Part Two) Chapter 15- Realistic Clouds (Part Three) Chapter 16- Gas Explosion (Part One)- Intro Chapter 17- Gas Explosion (Part Two)- Nulls Chapter 18- Gas Explosion (Part Three)- Nodes Chapter 19- Gas Explosion (Part Four)- Volume Panel Chapter 20- Gas Explosion (Part Five)- Particles Chapter 21- Gas Explosion (Part Six)- Textures Chapter 22- Gas Explosion (Part Seven)- Gradients Chapter 23- Gas Explosion (Part Eight)- Color Layer Node Chapter 24- Gas Explosion (Part Nine)- Scalar Layer Node Chapter 25- Gas Explosion (Part Ten)- Lighting & Camera Adjustments Chapter 26- Gas Explosion (Part Eleven)- Color Layer Node Adjustments Chapter 27- Gas Explosion (Part Twelve)- Fireball Variation Chapter 28- Final Running Time: 2 hrs. 16 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner Just $19.00 USD

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