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LightWave3D 2020.0.1 now available! Get special pricing and goodies exclusively from

LightWave3D 2020.0.1 is now out!

The quick and much appreciated release of the 2020.0.1 Update to LightWave3D is now available to LightWave3D 2020 users in their accounts at Now with you can save on the cost of your upgrade or new seat of LightWave3D 2020.0.1, but you have limited time to take advantage of this discount! Our special ends on May 31st 2020! So act now! If you are upgrading from a previous version and facing a $499.00 Upgrade price from NewTek directly, we can save you some money! Here is how you do it. You have two choices, you can visit our store here and buy through the shopping cart or email us directly and ask about further discounts and incentives that only can bring to the community! We can’t advertise how much more of a discount we can offer to the community due to reseller rules placed on us by NewTek, but what we can say is that you will save on upgrades and new seats plus get a selection of goodies (within limits) that will help off set the costs of upgrading during these strange days. This is for a limited time only but its part of our 30th anniversary celebration of LightWave3D and our own 10th anniversary special here at It is our way of supporting the user community that has supported us and LightWave3D over the years and it is our pleasure to do so. Many of our Citizens are already working on LightWave3D 2020 Training and other products and services to compliment this release of LightWave3D and make it even a stronger tool for artists around the world, bringing value through knowledge and technology to you. It doesn’t matter if you are a new user, just coming back to the software after many years or a current user who has stayed with the product – we are always pushing and advancing these areas so as to benefit all of us.

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2 Comments to LightWave3D 2020.0.1 now available! Get special pricing and goodies exclusively from

  1. Sid says:

    Hi Kat,

    I am very happy LW2020 is released and will upgrade soon. The new release is getting a lot of flak on the forums for being a light release after what was seen as an extended delay. Can you shed any light on that ? I remember one user hinting very strongly there would be VRay support whhich manifestly turned out not to be the case, but there is a certain mystery.

    You yourself said LW2020 was shaping up to be a very interesting release on the 30th anniversary, so were NT forced to cut this cycle short to ensure release in 2020 ? There is probably more there than I can immediately appreciate and I will be upgrading anyway. All the best.

    • kat says:

      Hi there.
      Yes, very interesting, but flak from who exactly? You have to take everything in context with respect to releases. I warned many years ago for Rob to NOT go with naming convention based on year cycles. Do you see SideFX do it with houdini? How about C4D? Unreal? No. You do not. Rob did it because that’s what Autodesk did and flat out said “it was a good marketing move”. I beg to differ. It’s purely seen as a “me too!” and “fuck.. its a subscription!” ploy. And now NT/LWG is stuck with it because, no one is in charge.
      As far as Vray, who the fuck cares about Vray? Why is everyone so obsessed with that product? Because it turns idiots who can’t surface stuff into gods basically. But look a Kray or even AMD ProRender. There was a rumor about ProRender in the 2019 cycle but that didn’t materialize, which is unfortunate because that would have leveled the playing field quite a bit and stuffed in the face of Otoy and their pets. Chaos Group has said time and again they will never do a Vray version for LightWave3D and the reason why if you know who to ask – Autodesk pays them to not do one for LightWave and they constantly use the excuse ‘there isn’t enough of a user base’ and its been that way since Vray first appeared over 10 years ago. So, who cares above Vray? No one, because they don’t care about LightWave. That’s my opinion on that.

      I don’t really feel the release is “light” but I can understand why some people may think that way. It depends on what you are after. I’m happy to see interchange improvements and now support for houdini particles as well as enhances to OpenVDB in general. The new radiosity engine is something you could see from a mile away as being a development that tool some serious time and looks like it vastly improves things for speed in general so that’s good. I know people want to see more modeler stuff, but for me I want to see modeler speed up and more multi-select functionality for things so its easier to do mass operations without issue and less clicking, renaming things. That sort of stuff. I really haven’t had time to play with it.
      I hope to soon though 🙂
      But first a tutorial or two this week that I have to finish since I was out of commission for 7 weeks. Thing to remember is that at any time , whatever may have not been able to make it into this release, may pop in as a part of an update. I would like to see the development team return to how things were done for the LW 9 cycle. Stabilize it, standardize it, document it, focus on optimization and the world will turn with third party development as it becomes rock solid. That action will garner new seat sales and bring old users back into the fold who have missed upgrades or were holding out. You don’t always have to have a new release every year to make money. It’s actually a trap in my opinion to chase that kind of schedule. You don’t slack off, but you can drill down and plan and push in directions without worry about dropping a ball because “quarterly reports” and panic for year end stuff. This is where marketing comes into play. We need new user and old users to return to the product knowing they made a wise investment in doing so because there is constant progress throughout each cycle. That way its less of a let down if a full point release don’t have all this crazy awesome stuff in it on release day thats brand new. What you are getting is all the awesomeness from prior releases that’s rock solid and ready to go and can confidently settle into the product knowing that it does what it says on the tin.

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