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LightWave 2020- Volume #22- Retro Spacecraft UV Mapping

Lightwave 2020- Volume #22- Retro-Spaceship UV Mapping

In this twenty-second volume of the Lightwave 2020/2019/2018 Series 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces LightWave 2020 and UV Layout’s powerful UV Unwrapping Toolsets. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users and anyone who dreads and fears UV Mapping. The course shows how to UV Map a simple 3D Spaceship model to easily get your head around the process. All steps are shown from A to Z to get started making UV maps for your own models

BONUS Content Folder Contains: All Project Files, FREE PLG UV Plugin for LightWave, and BONUS Videos on how to install and Set-Up the PLG Tools in your LightWave User Interface!!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- Course Outline

Chapter 3- Breaking Up Model Parts for UV Unwrapping

Chapter 4- Unwrapping the Main Body of the Spaceship

Chapter 5- Unwrapping the Fins

Chapter 6- Unwrapping the Large Thruster Casing

Chapter 7- Unwrapping the Small Thruster Casings

Chapter 8- Unwrapping the Glass Windows

Chapter 9- Unwrapping the Window Frames

Chapter 10- Unwrapping the Window Rivots

Chapter 11- Preparing the Model for OBJ Export from LightWave

Chapter 12- Importing OBJ File and Optimizing the UV Islands in UV Layout

Chapter 13- Checkerboard Pattern Test in LightWave 3D


1) How to Install the PLG UV Plugin Set for LightWave 3D

2) How to Add the ABF UV Unwrap Tool into the PLG Tools Tab

Running Time: 3 hrs. 11 mins.

High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels)

Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)

Level: Beginner

-Get it now for just 19.00 USD

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