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QuadPanels 1.3 – UPDATE

Quadpanels v1.3 Bugfixes , better memory handling, and some new features QuadPanels v1.32 is now out. This free upgrade to the nurnie plugin is now capable of using a folder to select custom nurnies from, and fully supports multimeshes (layers) so you can have a single file containing sets of nurnies. You can still use background layers for custom nurnies, and even use a mix of background layers and nurnies from a folder. The update from 1.2 to 1.32 significantly reduces the amount of memory used by the detailing operation. I also have adjusted the user interface slightly, and fixed a bug with entering 0 for the number of iterations, and some other bugs from 1.2, including a few Mac specific ones that my testers discovered, ( thank you guys ) The bug in line 1061 has been fixed too, it should be much more stable now. ( The original post for QuadPanels can be found at ) Quadpanels rendering This shows a panel using purely custom nurnies, derived from a multimesh object. Click here to download the latest version This archive contains a few ready made nurnie objects to test QuadPanels with, including the electrical components shown in the sample render. The evaluation version is limited:
  • working with 6000 poly meshes.
  • bugs you for a serial number often.
  • only works with single polygon selections ( as opposed to detailing any number of polygons at once ) .
  • only works with 2 custom nurnies.
Click here to view the demonstration video for the upgrade Click here to view the version 1.2 demonstration video Click here to view the original demonstration video This is a commercial Lscript plugin available exclusively through for just $19.95US. The evaluation version of Quadpanels requires a serial code to unlock it, based on the LightWave dongle ID of the installation it is to be used with. Email your dongle id to jamesw (at) symmetrix3d . com to receive your serial code once you’ve made payment through Paypal.

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5 Comments to QuadPanels 1.3 – UPDATE

  1. BillC says:

    Nice update! Getting bullet proof too, thanks for the upgrade!!!

  2. Scp says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the upgrade.:)

  3. Alexx says:

    Nice 🙂

    By the way, did you get my mail ?

  4. Yes thanks Alexx, just been a bit busy lately, I’ll respond to it fully tonight or tomorrow…

  5. MICHAEL says:

    Thank You
    This plugin is awesome, works great, made a whole bunch of nurnies awhile back, and I use them to do some really nice stuff..

    Thank you again for creating a awesome tool..


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