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Iron Sky – Day 24 (Adventures in Nurnia)

As many of you know, has a great tool called “QuadPanels” written by our own awesome Citizen, James Willmott. Another great thing is that when you buy it comes with [a coupon code for 25% off] Fabio’s Nurnies collection 1 and 2. I cannot tell you how powerful of a combination these products are. Right now Luke is making use of this combination, bolting extra “gack” onto our Zeppelins of Death (ZoDs for short as we have come to know them) to give them more “life”? Does that sound right? Well regardless its a kick ass combination and I highly recommend it and you should get a copy. It’s the best 20 bucks you will ever spend on a LW plug-in that’s for sure. LightWave3D Artists understand well the importance of Nurnification, and thus the “Adventures in Nurnia” title. I think there should be a book on that subject or something. The history and hit makers of Nurniandians world wide. Like MTV’s Behind the Music but with a purpose. In other news, I am still a sick kitty (I can at least sit up straight without bashing into the floor due to this ear infection thing) but I am back in the office obviously as I we have no internet(s) at the flat. I was actually very confused as to what day it was when I got back into work. It felt like I was out for much longer than I was. It seems I slept only about 32 hours straight. I still  managed to loose at least 10lbs in water sweating like crazy. Sauna? No, just the heat in Tampere over the past week plus the cold/sickness and everything mixed in made me rather toasty. On another odd thought of the day (I’m still delusional really, don’t take me seriously). Luke loves real toast. He’s constantly on about toast. There is a 17 Euro toaster at the local “dollar store” shop down the block that I think I am going to get for him so he can have his own, totally exclusive “Toast” zone. I’m trying to be more positive. It’s a good thing I brought Fax and Stripes with me. Like I said I’m still delusional.

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