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Iron Sky – Day 27

After a hard week of work, sickness, coughing, bad Finnish cuisine (hello HesBurger – which I consider to be high end here for fast food or any other food) and very irregular sleep plus a lot of Acai Berry Juice (check out – this stuff has become my new Dr Pepper for the show) we are finally in a position to lay down the rest of the previs and continue on with additional shot production. Several slices of toast and eggywegs (Luke loves eggs on toast) were harmed. The hard work and effort put in by Luke, Samuli, Jussi and a few of the other guys is really starting to translate into dry pixels now. In addition our power issues seem to be for the moment at least, resolved. While its not blistering hot like it was over the last two weeks we are comfortably warm in here. It almost feels like the Mexico city millennium project atmosphere from 11 years ago that I was involved in, except we are lacking the awesome mexican meals we could get by calling room service. Man, I miss that hotel. Our director Timo is here again today in an hour or two to review our progress and do the director diary thing. While I am not much for being on camera – which is understandable since I feel like hell still, at some point you are going to be seeing a bit more of that as the LightWave3D team begins to talk about the production of the VFX for Iron Sky on a more regular basis. This is partially promotional stuff for the movie but more importantly for me at least is it will show case the talent in the LightWave team and the crew behind the screens in general who are making IronSky. In addition to this we are going to be talking about how LightWave3D 10.1 is making all of this possible. Stay tuned for more. TKIF (Thank kittens its Friday). Kat (Luke is toasting).

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