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Iron Sky – Day 48

It’s been a rather productive day here, depending on how you look at it. We are still fighting a bit with the models that have come to us from Maya. However Tuomas has been working with the Maya artists who know the models (the original guy isn’t here any more I guess for one model case) to get them into “production ready mode”. Previs from the week has gone very well and we are on schedule now pretty much. The next challenge is to get everything rocking and ready and address notes from our director and from here on in it’s full throttle. We also did some on camera interviews today for the behind the scenes stuff for the Iron Sky DVD/Blu-ray once it comes out after the theatrical releases. Don’t laugh when you see it. We (myself and Luke) are incredibly tired after being at this for 3 months (we did a lot of work while still in our own territories before coming here) and its been non-stop with the exception for me when I was incredibly sick and had to take a day and a half off. Seriously – we have been at this since we arrived. Just a friendly to anyone who wants to do a film like Iron Sky in the future.  Next time, just do it all in LightWave3D in the first place. There are less “known unknowns” to quote a certain defense secretary of recent memory. There is nothing in this show that can’t be done in LightWave3D and frankly I am finding that in a lot of ways because of how things are (can’t get into details) that other packages are lacking in a lot of ways for this kind of work. I’m very tired, Luke is looking like he wants to kill me for eying the toast on his plate (something about being stabbed in the face with a fork?) and I desperately need a decent nights sleep. Alas, the air mattress I’m sleeping on has sprung a leak or its just the heat and it won’t keep air properly so its back to the “rack” (a cot that could have been pulled from a gulag auction somewhere in the past – we are next door to Russia you know…). Night night.

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 48

  1. Thibault says:


    I watch the trailers and I wonder if the effects of smoke are made with LW?

    May the Force be with you !

    • kat says:

      LightWave3D was used exclusively on the last teaser. From here on in its going to be a mix of things but leaning more towards LightWave as the output and speed is just that much faster.

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