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Iron Sky – Day 50

It finally rained here in Tampere this afternoon. It was an amazing and flash flood style deal complete with “big old fat rain” drops -and then it stopped. Joy. Frankly I wish it would have rained a bit more because the city streets here really need it. On the subject of 3D graphics and this show called “Iron Sky” that I am working on – well, technically today is my day off. Which would be appropriate all things considered I suppose. Luke, Phil and Tuomas are here though and I feel bad about not continuing on with them (I have a little bit, just checking renders and shots and talking with Tuomas about one of our hero ships). I did manage to get some kind of decent sleep this morning. That’s one good thing about saturdays I suppose. Phil is working on a special project that should be finished by Monday or Tuesday. I’m pretty confident that it’s going to work out nicely and in initial tests from last night (those renders I have been checking) it pretty much sells a very key shot with only simple color correction and a few glow tools. When I get it all broken out and lit properly and we throw in the kitchen sink – oh yes, it will kick ass. Meanwhile, Luke is writing his own particle system for LightWave3D so we can do some very special “weapons system” firing and keep it simple and automated for us, but stupidly accurate inside LightWave so we can pull off what we want to do and not have to “do things by hand” – which I am okay with either way. I’ve done that sort of thing before. Sometimes brute force is the best way to go. Well, off to find something to eat I guess. Now that’s a challenge. Kat

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