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Iron Sky – Day 61

I have been up now for almost 25 hours if I do the math correctly. This is the second or third time in the last week I have done this kind of shift. Last time was actually a bit longer than a full day. It’s interesting what happens to your creativity when you are this tired, or wired or insomniac maniac poly-wack kat snack (I shouldn’t have said that, now I want food). It really has its ups and downs. With that said I am going to take my tired body and walk it down the block to the wire rack that I sleep on in the converted broom closet/flat and get some sleep. Oh, yes, I need to take my laundry with me as well as it’s almost dry from being hung above the computers after being washed over at Luke’s flat where he has a washer (but no dryer) that smells of kerosene after the first wash. Yeah it’s been a busy day. I’m off to bed now =^..^=

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 61

  1. jeric says:

    Is it truly productive to work these kinds of hours? At some point the law of diminishing returns has got to kick in.

    • kat says:

      When you have done this enough times you learn to pace yourself and not burn out, but actually yes you can maintain a level of productivity for extended amounts of time under these conditions.

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