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Iron Sky – Day 62

And after a visit to the happy kitty basket (even if it is a metal rack cot) I’m back here in the offices at Energia. We have a busy day ahead of us full of lots of volumetric effects, rendering for shots and final tests on certain things including various weapons systems that have been under development for the past week or so. We had a bit of a problem with the render controller they are using here yesterday. I don’t know what it is about render controllers that is so hard for programmers to design and grasp. Half of the functionality in the controller they are using here (and not my favorite controller which is Smedge, and hell no I would not even work here if they were using ButterFlyNetRender which is a piece of garbage) is redundant or useless and it is very temperamental at times. It’s also about 3 times the amount of ffing around to submit a job. Blah! Not exactly a rapid fire tool, but its more or less holding things down. The network set up in here in terms of NAS is not as optimal as I would like it to be and Samuli agrees. We are going to move a few things around to accommodate our needs and those of the compositing team while keeping the network overhead and load on one of the NAS boxes to an acceptable level. Otherwise we are going to continue to fight each other on the network for resources and that’s never a good thing when you need to get stuff done when you are in the assembly line of a VFX shot sequence. The heat in here also complicates things but thankfully its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. System performance does get impacted and it is noticeable but there is not much we can really do about it. However this is a lesson I have learned in the past. If you are going to make a movie, shoot it in the summer or  fall and post it throughout the winter and leave the windows open 🙂

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