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Iron Sky – Day 67

Luke and I are here in the office early on Sunday morning working away. Luke made breakfast which is awesome because nothing is open here at the moment and we were both starving. I think we owe someone a can of baked beans. Regardless of foodstuffs and restocking of the fridge – renders are going and Luke and I are in R&D mode. Luke writing yet another plug-in (this would be number 8 or 9 so far?) and me doing look dev on atmosphere entry effects. This is all stuff we have done before to a certain degree, but making it all come together with the assets and shots from Iron Sky, just as it is with anything its being a bit tricky. Because the farm is so busy with some really heavy renders (but they look freaking awesome) we have to run tests on our own systems for renders of vfx elements. Thankfully I have my own personal machine under my desk for just these kinds of occasions and its getting a good work out. I have to do some maintenance on it though as it seems to have down graded itself from 6cores to 5 somewhere in the course of the past week or so. Not exactly sure what that is all about. It may have done this to protect itself from the heat on the last reboot. We are also going to start putting together some of the material we have produced thus far and get it ready for presentation soon. I can’t really get into details about where and what this is for but you might be able to guess. We are all just trying to do our part as LightWavers 🙂 Kat

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 67

  1. J. says:

    ”I can’t really get into details about where and what this is for but you might be able to guess”

    Well, that’s an easy one:
    Assembly! (anyone willing to buy me a ticket to Finland? 😉

  2. kat says:

    Buzzzzz! Wrong.. but tickets from london to tampere were about 150 GPB. Not sure what it would be from hamsterdam or rotterdam.

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